Welcome to Bluff View Bank!

It’s the new brand name for our locations in Galesville, Trempealeau and Holmen!


On October 1, 2018, Bank of Galesville, Bank of Trempealeau and Seven Bridges Bank will change their name to Bluff View Bank. While it’s only a name change, our new name represents our continued commitment to putting all our customers first.


Frequently Asked Questions

Even though we’re just changing our name, we know you might have some questions. Hopefully, we can answer most of them here, but if you don’t find the answer to your question, you are always welcome to contact us for more information. 


Why are you changing the name of my bank?

When the bank was started in Galesville in 1883, the bank was named to represent the community we served. When we opened our branches in Trempealeau and Holmen we decided that each branch should have its own name as a symbol of the communities they serve, as well.

Today all of our communities are far more connected and one name for all of our locations reflects this connection. Our new name, Bluff View Bank, was chosen because of the beautiful geographical region we all call home.

Additionally, our new name represents our commitment to providing our customers with the latest technology to make their banking easier and more convenient in the future.


Did you merge with another bank?

No, we’re simply changing the name of the bank to position us for future growth. Everything else is staying the same — from the bankers you deal with every day, to the products and services you depend on.


Are your locations or hours changing?

No, our locations in Galesville, Trempealeau and Holmen will continue to operate at their existing addresses, use the same telephone numbers and the hours of operation will remain the same.


Will any of my personal or business accounts change?

No, your accounts will not change. All account numbers, PINs, bank routing numbers and any other account details will remain the same.


Can I use my current Bank of Galesville credit and debit cards?

You may continue using your existing credit and debit cards now and after the name change on October 1, 2018.

Cards will be reissued with the new Bluff View Bank logo as they expire.


Can I still use my Bank of Galesville checks?

Yes, you may still use your personal or business checks.  If you order your checks from us, when you reorder, your new checks will arrive with the Bluff View Bank name on them.  If you order your checks from another vendor, you will need to notify them of the name change.


Will this change affect online banking?

It won’t. In fact, all of the online banking services you’re accustomed to using will still be available after the name change.


Will there be changes to mobile banking?

Yes, once available, you will be prompted to update your current app to reflect our new name, Bluff View Bank.  All functions of the mobile banking app will remain the same.


Will your web address be different?

Yes. Once we change our name, our new URL will be www.bluffviewbank.com. If you’ve bookmarked our site, you’ll want to update it to this new web address when you visit our updated website.

If you use the old URL after the name change, you will be redirected to the new website url.


Can I still use the staff email addresses in my contacts list?

Once the name change takes place, our bankers and staff email addresses will change to end in @bluffviewbank.com. We recommend updating your contacts to reflect this. If you use the old email addresses after the name change, your emails will be redirected to the new address.


Still have questions?

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions that we have not addressed. Feel free to give us a call at 608-582-2233 or stop in to any of our locations.